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Meet Our Team

Rustun Nichols

Beverage Director

Rustun comes to us via Brooklyn and Seattle. A relative new comer to the Midwest, he brings 20+ years of hospitality experience. Most recently, Rustun served as the Beverage Director at Spring Studios, The Wythe Hotel, Our/New York Distillery and The AC Hotel in Columbus. While not mixing up new ideas for the bar or designing wine menus, Rustun enjoys time with his wife and daughter, a hard-fought pro-wrestling match, a daytime baseball game and bowl of Cincinnati Chili.

Rustun Nichols, Beverage Director

Sebastián La Rocca

Executive Chef

Sebastián is a renowned Argentine chef with Italian roots and a nomadic heart, currently ranked by the Miami Times as one of the 50 most influential Latin chefs in the world, among many other accolades. He is also the Chef/Owner of the Eat Gastro Group which includes four distinct restaurants in Costa Rica including Botaniko, a live fire restaurant. In 2021, Botaniko was ranked 50 Best Discovery by S Pellegrino.

Sebastian La Rocca, Executive Chef of Restaurants

Dan McKay

General Manager

Dan is an Ohio native with an insatiable urge to travel. He has gathered a broad range of career experience in Chicago, Columbus, Boston and Southern California. Spending time among different hospitality cultures has given him the opportunity to constantly learn and improve. Providing unparalleled service with a focus on genuine interaction makes him feel alive. In a former life, he was a dueling piano performer and touring musician. Dan has a deep love for movies, music and trips out west for snowboarding adventures.

Dan McKay, General Manager

Carter Gadd

Senior Sous Chef

Carter has been cooking for 10 years. During this time, he has experimented with many different culinary arts and has fallen in love with Asian cuisine. In his spare time, Carter enjoys researching different fermentation and food preservation techniques.

Carter Gadd, Senior Sous Chef

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